Taklung Monastery

The monasteries of Taklung Kagyu School are nearly as influential as those of Drikung Kagyu School in the Tibetan areas. The Taklung Monastery in Lhunzhub County of the Tibet Autonomous Region was founded in 1180 by Master Stag Lung Thang Pa Bkra Shes Dpal, who was the founder of Taklung Kagyu School.


As the original monastery of Taklung Kagyu School, it enjoys a high reputation in the Tibetan Buddhism circle. In the history, with continuous development, Taklung Kagyu School became more and more influential, even in some of the Tibetan areas in Gansu. The Taklung Monastery in the northeast of Tianzhu County of Gansu was founded by a monk of the Stag Lung lineage of the Tibetan Kagyupa and was changed into a monastery of the Gelug sect.