Tibetan Knives

By: Song Shuhong, Tibet from all Angles
Updated: May 10, 2018

These are the prestigious traditional artware of Tibet. Such a knife is an essential possession for Tibetans. It functions as a self-defense tool, a utensil for cutting and eating meat, and also is a kind of special ornament. The Tibetan knives for men are generally rough and sharp, while those for women are delicate.


They are divided into two kinds, namely the long sword and the broadsword. Scabbards for Tibetan knives are made of wood, copper, iron or silver are often engraved with patterns of dragons, phoenixes, tigers, lions and flowers, etc. Some patterns are also dotted with gemstones, agate and other valuable materials.


Tibetan knives are very practical, but also have very high art appreciation values. Today, they are in demand as tourist gifts.