Drupka Teshi Festival

The fourth day of the sixth Tibetan month is said to be the day when Sakyamuni gave his first sermon about the fourth Noble Truths to his five devotees at a deer park in Sarnath. In Buddhist terms, this is known as the day Buddha first turned the Wheel of Dharma. On this day in Tibet, monks and pilgrims go to monasteries and sacred mountains to visit holy sites and pay tribute. Thus this day is also known as “Mountain Circulation Festival”.


In the past, monks of the lower and upper chambers of Esoteric Buddhism in different monasteries made special offerings to the statues of Buddha in the Jokhang and Ramoche monasteries, as well as the great hall of Pagbalhakang in the Potala Palace. Pilgrims usually offer lanterns and hada at these holy sites. People in Lhasa also visit monasteries like Phabongkha, Chusang, Sera Woze, Kyitsang Shalu (east and west caves), Miwuqon and Regya Samten Ling in the mountains. After making offerings, they set up tents or cloth screens in the woods and enjoy themselves.