Seminar on Tibetan medicinal bathing held in Beijing

By: Ma Yangyang,
Updated: Dec. 12, 2018

The Seminar on Inheritance and Development of Tibetan Medicinal Bathing was held at Beijing Tibetan Hospital Sunday to celebrate the inscription of Tibetan medicinal bathing onto the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO on November 28.


The seminar was co-sponsored by China Tibetology Research Center, Traditional Tibetan Medicine Research center and Beijing Tibetan Hospital.


Experts and scholars from universities, Tibetan hospitals and research centers in Beijing, Tibet and Qinghai attended the seminar, and discussed how to protect, inherit and develop the traditional Tibetan medicine.


Zheng Dui, Secretary-General of the China Tibetology Research Center, said that China has attached great importance to traditional Tibetan medicine, increasing its popularity both in Tibetan areas and other provinces.


Pama Yangdron, president of the Tibetan Hospital in Tibet Autonomous Region, gave an introduction of the process of getting the Tibetan medicinal bathing inscribed on the UNESCO list and expressed her gratitude to related departments for their support.


A five-year safeguarding plan (2019-2023) has been made to promote this Tibetan tradition domestically and internationally, said Pama.