Nyemo Tibetan incense embraces vigorous development

By: China Tibet News
Updated: May 31, 2019

尼木今年预计产藏香50吨 实现产值2000万元.jpg

Photo shows workers encapsulating Tibetan incense in Nyemo County of Lhasa City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [China Tibet News/Han Hailan]


Nyemo County, one of the places with abundant handicraft industries in Tibet, has 10 items of intangible cultural heritages at state, regional and municipal levels. Among the 10 items, Tibetan incense plays an important role in local people's lives. Tibetan incense is listed among national intangible cultural heritages and the most distinctive cultural symbols in Tibet. The history of Tibetan incense making can be traced back to 1,300 years ago, and its traditional making skill has been passed down till today by Nyemo people.


In 2008, Nyemo Tibetan incense making skill has been included in China's national intangible cultural heritage list, and has become an important local cultural tourism project, attracting tourists to enjoy the unique ethnic culture. Simultaneously, Tibetan incense has been sold to outside world.


In order to further develop Tibetan incense industry and vigorously promote poverty alleviation work and the strategy of rural revitalization, Nyemo County Party Committee and Government have put forward the development idea and layout of Tibetan incense industry, thus built Tibetan Incense Industrial Park Demonstration Base with 40 million yuan RMB aiding funds from Bejing. The base covers a land area of 55,333㎡. It is divided into two parts: processing factory and experience center. The project has been completed by the end of 2018 and put into operation in 2019.


Through adhering to the guidance of the Party Committee, cooperative operation of enterprises and positive participation of the mass, Nyemo Tibetan Incense Industrial Park Demonstration Base combines Tibetan incense making, intangible cultural heritage protection as well as cultural tourism, popularizes and develops its brands to realize industrialization development. At the same time, by launching a series of intangible cultural heritage experience projects, visitors are deeply attracted to take part in the Tibetan incense making, which transforms the resource advantages of Tibetan incense into industrial advantages, forming a modern Tibetan incense production base with integrating production, display, experience and selling.


Tibetan incense experience project has realized the development mechanism of "Party Committee + enterprise + cooperative +relocated household", achieved complementary to each other, and obtained win-win development. It is of great significance to promote poverty alleviation work and employment, increasing income, as well as upgrading industry.  


18 initial products are available and 100 working posts are provided in Nyemo since running of the base, which has been promoting products sale and driving economic development. According to the production plan of 2019, Nyemo will produce 50 tons of Tibetan incense, with an output value of 20 million yuan RMB and a profit of 6 million yuan RMB.