Nyingchi gradually improves forestry ecological system

By: Zhi Xinghua, Tenzin Sydron, China Tibet News
Updated: Dec. 31, 2019

Photo taken on August 11 shows tourists visiting Lunang Town of Nyingchi City. [China Tibet News/Yao Haiquan]


Nyingchi City is a beautiful place in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Mountains, lakes, forests, and meadows can be seen everywhere. The forest area reaches 5.436 million hectares, with a coverage rate of 47.06%.


In 2019, Nyingchi has continued to take the road of science, ecology and economical greening, vigorously implemented key projects such as ecological protection and restoration, industrial construction, and fire prevention of forest & grassland, gradually built a perfect forestry industrial and ecological system.


This year, Nyingchi City has implemented 48 forestry projects, with a total investment of 820 million yuan RMB, and 668 million yuan RMB of investment has been completed so far, accounting for 81.46% of the total investment, which creates advantage conditions for the rapid development of forestry industrial economy.


Greening the city by all methods


This year, Nyingchi City has taken the construction of forestry city and green model city as carriers, and adopted various planting methods. On the basis of generally eliminating barren lands, the city has actively taken actions to restore the ecological mountainous areas around the city.


In order to bring "green" into houses and schools, Nyingchi City has invested over 1.5 million yuan RMB to provide all kinds of green seedlings and carry out the construction work of "green department", "green campus", and "green community", making the effect of urban forestation more prominent.


Ecological industries enrich the villagers


Ecology is economy, and environment is livelihood.


Nyingchi City has adhered to scientific planning on the basis of reality, accelerated the introduction of superior varieties, as well as highlighted the functions of demonstration and guidance, making the scale of industrial bases expand rapidly. Meanwhile, the unique industrial belt has been initially formed, gradually showing its industrial benefits, which plays an important role in improving ecological environment and increasing people's income.


"Nowadays, every household has an economic forest land for planting apples, grapes, peaches, pears and other economic trees, which not only enriches the masses, but also beatifies the environment," says Losang, the party branch secretary of Dro Village, Donggar Town of Nangxian County. In recent years, Dro Village has grasped the key of increasing the value of agricultural products by tourism, and actively explored the development model of courtyard economy. The whole village has made concerted effort to form the sound situation of "every family has industry, and every household has income". At present, Dro Village has planted a total of 600,000㎡ of walnuts, 100,000㎡ of apples and 66,666.7㎡ of peaches, increasing 20,000 yuan RMB of income per household.


This planting model, which relies on the location advantage and industrial poverty alleviation to develop forest & fruit economy and increase people's income, has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the masses. Up to now, Nyingchi City has planted a total of 112,466,666.7㎡ of forest & fruit, and invested 40.54 million yuan RMB to build five forestry projects in 2019.


Every village has forest ranger team


"It's easy to plant trees, but it's hard to keep them alive." As a senior forest ranger, Norbu says that no matter it's windy or rainy day, he and his companions insist on going up the mountains to inspect the fire hazards and seedlings growth situation, and contribute to the security of forest and grassland resources with their own practical actions.


In Nyingchi City, there are many forest rangers like Norbu. Besides, each county is equipped with a professional fire fighting team and each forest village has an assault team. Meanwhile, by strengthening the warning and monitoring system of forest fire risk, control and supervision of fire source, capacity building of emergency fire prevention and fire prevention publicity, Nyingchi City has formed a set of scientific and efficient system to achieve effective prevention and safe fighting of forest & grassland fire disasters.


In addition, Nyingchi City has also adopted measures to prevent and control harmful organisms in major forestry and grassland areas, ensuring people's lives and property to the greatest extent.


Next, Nyingchi City will continue to give priority to ecology and green development, making the sky bluer, the land greener, the water cleaner, and the people's life happier.