"Internet + Tourism "helps Gongbo’ gyamda develop prosperously

By: Zhi Xinghua,Tenzin Sydon,China Tibet News
Updated: Jan. 21, 2020
Photo shows beautiful Basum Lake. [Provided by Gongbo' gyamda County]
On March 28, 2019, "My Motherland and Me", the first quick flash video of Gongbo' gyamda County, Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, left a deep impression on the audiences both online and offline.
Gongbo' gyamda County is under the jurisdiction of Nyingchi CIty, covering an area of 11,650 square kilometers.
Gongbo' gyamda means "valley" in Tibetan. The county is located at the transition zone from the southern Tibet valley to the eastern Tibet mountain valley, with a deep cut mountain valley landform and an average elevation of 3,600 meters. The tourist attractions include Basum Lake, Taizhao Ancient City, Barga Temple, Xiuba Castle and so on.
In October 2018, People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region officially approved the withdrawal of Gongbo' gyamda County from poverty-stricken counties; in December 2018, it was identified by Agricultural and Rural Affairs Ministry as the second batch of agricultural products with Chinese characteristics.
Shi Yunben, a deputy to the People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region and the deputy secretary of Gongbo' gyamda County Party Committee, introduces that the county has fully launched the tourism development 2.0 model since 2019, investing over 8.2 million yuan RMB to complete the construction of new wharf, new parking lot, pasture viewing deck, camping site and other infrastructures. In 2019, a hot air balloon experience project was added in the county, receiving 6,911 tourists so far. Funds of 22.5 million yuan RMB has been implemented to promote the construction of Basum Lake and Taizhao Ancient City, upgrade the level of family hotel, improve the navigation system in Basum Lake, add the payment methods of Wechat Payment and Alipay, and realize the technology of electronic ticket printing.
Shi Yunben says that "Tourism + Sport" has become a name card of Gongbu' gyamda County. The county adopts the model of "Coming in + Going out" to carry out the tourism marketing promotion, and increases the tourism publicity by holding Peach Cultural Tourism Festival, International Mountain Cycling Cross-country Race and other activities.
By the end of November 2019, Gongbo' gyamda County has received 1.735 million tourists and realized 891 million yuan RMB of tourism revenue, with year-on-year growth of 28.21% and 69.39% respectively. Among them, Basum Lake scenic spot has received 40,690,000 tourists and achieved 37,7429 million yuan RMB of ticket proceeds.