Charter flights bring workers back to Tibet

By: Xinhua
Updated: Mar. 03, 2020

While the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has affected regular ways of transport, charter flights have been organized to bring workers back to southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region to resume construction of the region's major projects.

At 9:15 a.m. Sunday, the TV6031 flight operated by Tibet Airlines landed at the airport of Nyingchi City.
The 105 power workers onboard, from Zhejiang Province, will be assigned to the power grid projects in the region's most impoverished areas.
Yu Jiajin, leader of the team, said nearly 50 of their colleagues stayed in the city of Nyingchi, and the others who intended to return and resume work on Jan. 29 were delayed by the epidemic.
"The regular flights and trains were drastically reduced, and the long journey of driving would have increased the risk of being infected," Yu said, adding that charter flights had saved them time and energy.
Other charter flights were also organized to the cities of Xigaze, Qamdo as well as the regional capital of Lhasa.
All the workers to Tibet will receive a 14-day quarantine before allowed to enter the construction sites.
Tibet Autonomous Region only reported one confirmed case of novel coronavirus infection and has not seen new infection reports for over a month.
According to the regional development and reform commission, Tibet plans to pour 187.2 billion yuan (around 26.8 billion U.S. dollars) in 179 projects this year, with the earmarked funds up 18 percent compared with those in 2019.
By the end of February, more than 10 projects, such as the railway connecting Lhasa and Nyingchi, have remained under or resumed construction. More major projects will see construction restored by March, said the commission.