Tibet to receive 15.9-bln-yuan investment in poverty-alleviation projects in 2020

By: Xinhua
Updated: June 16, 2020
Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region is expected to receive nearly 15.9 billion yuan (about 2.24 billion U.S. dollars) of investment in poverty-alleviation projects this year, according to the regional poverty-relief and development office.
A total of 312 such projects covering multiple areas, including industry development, education, employment and technology, will be launched by 19 provincial-level regions and centrally-administered state-owned enterprises under a pairing-up support policy.
Certain provinces, municipalities and state-owned enterprises that are designated to render assistance to Tibet have been strengthening their support over the years, with 1,696 poverty-alleviation projects and a total investment of more than 16.2 billion yuan implemented since 2016.