Tibet spring temperatures rise 0.28 degrees Celsius every decade

By: Xinhua
Updated: June 17, 2020
Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, often called the "roof of the world," has become warmer and wetter during spring. This has been occurring since 1981, according to the regional climate center.
During the 1981-2020 period, the region's average temperature in spring rose by 0.28 degrees Celsius every 10 years, while the precipitation during the season was up by 5.2 mm on average every decade, according to a report by the climate center.
Tibet's average temperature during the spring of 2020 was 4.2 degrees Celsius, 0.5 degrees lower than in normal years, and the lowest recorded in the past 19 years.
The average spring precipitation was 100.7 mm this year, around 26.7 mm more than in normal years and the highest in the past decade.
Zhoima, an expert with the climate center, said frequent rain in spring this year has led to relatively lower temperatures but the climate trend still shows significantly rising average temperature during the spring.