Lhasa’s first Wax Museum opened

By: Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron,China Tibet News
Updated: June 30, 2020


Photo shows the wax figures of Tibet's famous sketch actors. [China Tibet News/Phuntsok Tsering, Jinpa Tsultrim]

The first wax museum of Lhasa was officially opened recently, locating at Tibet Mandala Tours of Lhasa City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.
Entering into the museum's exhibition hall, a wax figure of a smiling Tibetan granny is on display. There are a great many of waxworks of regional famous artists and sketch actors, and many other influential characters.
Tenzin Wangyel, the responsible person of the wax museum, introduces that the museum covers an area of 3,000 m2, with 45 wax figures of celebrities on display. Each figure is made of the most advanced silicone material, so that its texture is closer to human skin, "our waxworks are developed in cooperation with a company from Guangdong Province, and the whole processing is purely handmade with high creation difficulty. It took one - two months to complete just one. The characteristics of super realistic and 1:1 ratio make these figures so lifelike that the pores on the figures are clearly visible. The original intention of building the wax museum is to display Tibetan traditional culture by the means of high-tech, and to meet the diverse cultural needs of tourists from all over the world."
Photo shows wax figures of Tibetan artists. [China Tibet News/Phuntsok Tsering, Jinpa Tsultrim]
The wax museum was officially opened to the public in April this year. Visitors register for experience through following the wax museum's official Wechat account. Currently, it has already received a number of tourists, getting good feedbacks.
Ms. Yu from Sichuan Province, visiting with her friends while taking pictures with the wax figures, says, "I have also been to many wax museums in other provinces of China, each of them has its own characteristic. In this one, we get to know many Tibetan celebrities through these very delicate and realistic waxworks. Meanwhile, the interpreter introduces relevant Tibetan cultures in combination with the scenes. In general, the experience is quite surprising."
Tenzin Wangyel expresses that, next, according to visitors' needs, the wax museum will make more efforts in the settings of scenes and characters to make them more lifelike. In addition, the museum will invite some celebrities themselves for a face-to-face comparison to increase interactive and interesting.