Rural tourism revives Qamdo’s Tulku Village

By: Liu Fang, Zhu Shan,China Tibet News
Updated: Aug. 06, 2020

Boasting beautiful scenery and convenient traffic, Tulku Village in Qamdo City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has made great efforts to develop rural tourism, bringing benefits to over 400 local residents. Now, it has become a village consisting of tourist accommodation, entertainment, sales of agricultural and livestock products and hot spring tour with an annual income of 150,000 yuan RMB.

Salie Camp, one of the village's local tourist projects, has effectively promoted the development of rural tourism by focusing on building a fashionable rural holiday spot, created 15 jobs for seven local households and pushed forward poverty elimination work in an all-round way.
Following the rural revitalization strategy, Tulku Village has also invested over eight million yuan RMB into the improvement of local environment. Next, it will gain more popularity through news reports and publishing brochures.