A Tibetan town’s road towards prosperity

By: Zhou Tianyu,
Updated: Aug. 18, 2020

Jitang Town in Chaya County, Changdu City of Tibet has been tapping its abundant hot spring resources to boost local tourism and entertainment industry in recent years. After several years’ development, the town has taken on a new look.

Jitang is the gateway to Chaya county as well as a must-pass place from neighboring Sichuan and Yunnan provinces to Changdu. However, before 2015, the underdeveloped infrastructure in the town couldn’t appeal to passing people and the income sources of local people were limited. 
Therefore, the government of the autonomous region of Tibet and Changdu municipal government made a general plan on the development of Jitang. Since 2015, Jitang has embarked on a road towards prosperity. 
Ya Ji investment company in Chaya county invested 516 million yuan to build landfills, gutters, parks and renovate roads. 25 million yuan were allocated to the construction of primary schools and clinics. An investment of 134 million yuan was put into the building of hotels, gas stations and factories. Poverty alleviation investment of 64 million yuan was used to develop Zangdong Modern Husbandry Demonstration Area and Zhuo Ma Hot Spring. In October 2019, the town finished its reconstruction project.
24 enterprises, including garment factories, agricultural factories, have settled down in Jitang, bringing jobs to local people and enhancing their incomes. In 2019, the per capita disposable income of the town reached 11,792 yuan, almost twice last year’s figure.
Luosong Bamu found a job at a construction site and could make 130 yuan per day. She is working at a restaurant on the pedestrian street in the town as a waitress with a monthly salary of 3,800 yuan. “I am happy that the town is so beautiful now and I can find a job,” said she. Having witnessed the sea changes of the town, she’s satisfied with the current happy life.
Lamu Zhuoga also benefited from the town’s development. In order to preserve and protect the town’s ecological environment, 13 welfare sanitary jobs were offered. Lamu got one of the slots. She’s mainly responsible for cleaning No.2 Road.
The vibrant town has attracted more and more visitors to come over to enjoy local specialties, breathtaking scenery and hot spring baths. Walking on the streets, people can feel the vigor of the town.