Shangshung Metok Cultural & Tourist Town

By: Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron,China Tibet News
Updated: Sept. 08, 2020


Shangshung Metok Ecological Tourism and Cultural Industrial Town is located in Doilung River Valley of Doilungdeqen District, Lhasa City, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, with an area of 66,900 m2 and an estimated investment of 5 billion yuan RMB.

At present, a number of key projects have been put into use, including Shangshung Ancient Castle, Flower Sea, Picnic Show, Hot Spring Hotel, Equestrian Performance Centre, "Dekyi Tibetan Homestay", Efficient Water-saving Irrigation Project, Mass Innovation Space, etc.
Roses, poppies, rape flowers are blooming in the Flower Sea with bees and butterflies flying among them, attracting visitors to take photos. Waves of laughter came from the children who are playing in the Thousands of Swings. The bright color of Rainbow Slide is so attractive that it has become an internet-famous site.
Jigme, a worker of Shangshung Metok Cultural & Tourist Town, says that the picnic area provides three different sizes of tents for different amounts of people, C-type for 5-15 people, B-type for 15-30 people, A-type for 30-50 people. Meanwhile, it also provides all picnic necessities, so that visitors can have nice picnics at any time.
In addition, the picnic area is also equipped with a service centre, a supermarket, a restaurant, a cafe, a football field and a basketball court. In the evening, visitors can enjoy leisure time in the hot spring hotel.
The park also has an outdoor base for Counter Strike Cosplay with the largest scale, highest-level equipment, most complete sites in Tibet. Besides, a professional Karting track and equestrian shows also attract lots of visitors.
A Lhasa citizen named Chimed Drolkar says, "I didn't know where to go during weekends before, so I spent most of my time at home. It is said that this park is well built, so I take my family to have a look at this weekend. All of us are having a good time here."
"Before entering the park, please prepare your ID card, health code and wear a mask," says Sherab, the responsible person of Shangshung Metok Cultural & Tourist Town. "Visitors can call 0891-6785999, 0891-6791999 for consultation and making appointment."