Tibetan villagers relocate for a better life

By: Zhou Tianyu,
Updated: Sept. 27, 2020

In the 70 years since Changdu city in east Tibet was liberated, the city has seen great developments in various areas and people’s liveshave been improved.

Yazhuo New village, built as a relocation programto reduce poverty, is located in the Zuogong County, Changdu. In November 2017, 674 Tibetan people of 133 registered poor households moved to the villagewith neatly lined buildings, clean streets and newly builtschools, clinics, and a cultural square.
The family of LuosongYangpei was listed as a poverty-stricken family in 2006. They used to live in a clay house where rain would penetrate through the roof in rainy days. After moving here, his life has changed. “I never thought I would live in such a spacious house, we really appreciate the good policies of the Party and the government,” said Luosong. It’s more convenient for his two kids to go to school after relocation.
Zhajia, head of Tiantuo township, said that vocational training and tourism are two effective ways to help villagers increase income.48-year-old DingzengNima, who received little education before, has become the first one to get vocational training. Now, he is a locally well-knowntailor. The dressmaking business has brought a considerable income for him.“A villager has ordered a dozen of Tibetan suits and the priceof each suit is 600 yuan,”he said.
With tailored poverty relief policies, thevillage shook off poverty in 2018 and villagers’ lives have changed for better by opening clothe stores, grocery stores, motorcycle repair shops and so on.