Tsering Badro’s new life in relocation area

By: Liu Fang, Zhu Shan,China Tibet News
Updated: Jan. 07, 2021

Enhui Yuan Community is a relocation site in Chengguan District of Lhasa City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, built for people moving from inhospitable areas. It is a modern community with new apartments and multiple supporting facilities including service centers, shopping malls and fitness centers. All its residents have access to tap water, electricity, Internet and other infrastructures.

43-year-old Tsering Badro from Tsongdu Town of Lhunzhub County, now lives in the community with his family. "My family made a living from a combination of farming and my hourly work in Lhasa City, just meeting our basic living needs. During farming season, I had to go back to do farm work, which made me miss other opportunities for making money. Now, we have been relocated to this new residential area in Lhasa City. This is what we have long been dreamed of," Tsering Badro says happily.
On October, 2016, thanks to the national policies of benefiting people, Tsering Badro's family got a new house with a floor area of 109m2, then, Tsering Badro and his wife landed jobs near the community. Now, Tsering Badro and his family members are content with their new life. With his efforts, Tsering Badro has been selected as a director of Enhui Yuan Community.
"With local benefiting projects, my son has been trained in cooking free of charge. Now, he runs a Tibetan restaurant in Tibet’s Nyingchi City, and earns about 60,000 yuan RMB annually. I have two daughters: one is at university since 2019 and enjoys tuition preferential policies; the other studies well at Newu Middle School. My wife and I have a stable income of more than 6,000 yuan RMB every month," Tsering Badro says.
The happiness of Tsering Badro's family is just an epitome of people's new life in Enhui Yuan Community. This residential area is home to 2,848 people of 700 households relocated from inhospitable areas. To ensure their stable income, the community has cooperated with Pureland Company of Chengguan District, creating over 1,300 jobs. Currently, its residences get an increase of monthly income ranging from 2,500 yuan RMB to 3,500 yuan RMB.