Gearing up for double New Year

By: Liu Fang, Zhu Shan, Tenzin Sydron,China Tibet News
Updated: Feb. 04, 2021


Every year, Barkhor Mall will provide free sales stalls for people from all counties (districts) of Lhasa City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.



The New Year's Shopping Festival of Barkhor Mall in 2021 starts from Jan. 10th to Feb. 10th (9:30 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. every day).



Candies, dairy products, karsel, couplets, wood products, sheep's head, butter sculptures, butter, barley grass and other necessary goods are all available at Barkhor Mall.



Photo shows dairy products with Tibetan characteristics displayed at a temporary stall of Barkhor Mall. [China Tibet News/Tenzin Norbu, Deqen Dradul]



According to the worker of Barkhor Mall, there are 278 stalls in total in this year's shopping festival, including 54 candy stalls, 40 dairy products stalls, 35 karsel stalls, 28 wood products stalls, 43 barley grass stalls, and other 78 stalls.



"Shangbu" is a colorful fabric decorated on the doors and windows of Tibetan architectures, which will be changed every Tibetan New Year-Losar. Photo shows residents buying "Shangbu" for the upcoming Tibetan New Year-Losar. [China Tibet News/Tenzin Yudron, Yeshe Sonam]



With the approaching of the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year-Losar, streets and alleys are filled with people doing special purchase for the upcoming double New Year. Photo shows residents doing special purchase at Barkhor Mall. [China Tibet News/Tenzin Norbu, Deqen Dradul]



In order to limite gatherings and the flow of people for epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the supply of necessities during double New Year, many supermarkets and Pure Land Industry Co., Ltd. in Chengguan District of Lhasa City sell butter sculptures, couplets and other goods through direct sales points and mobile sales vehicles, so that citizens could buy necessities near their houses.