Tibet to help 700,000 farmers, herdsmen find jobs in 2021

By: Xinhua
Updated: Feb. 07, 2021
Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region plans to help 700,000 farmers and herdsmen find jobs in 2021, according to the regional department of human resources and social security Saturday.
The jobs are expected to generate an income of more than 5 billion yuan (about 773 million U.S. dollars), the department said.
Tibet will take a slate of measures this year to ensure farmers and herdsmen, a major segment of the labor force in the region, find jobs and increase their income. The measures will include project investment and development of characteristic industries, among others.
More targeted vocational skills training will be offered to local farmers and herdsmen, and over 60,000 people will be employed after training, the department said.
In order to encourage farmers and herdsmen to find jobs outside the region, Tibet plans to raise their travel fee from 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan.