Technical skills bring happy life

By: Liu Fang, Zhu Shan,China Tibet News
Updated: Feb. 22, 2021

"Qing Ganglin Tibetan Pig Raising Cooperative was set up five years ago. Last year, five local households joined the cooperative and received cash bonuses. Now, the annual revenue of the cooperative reaches about 900,000 yuan," says Dawa Tsering, who is in charge of the cooperative.

In August of 2015, Qing Ganglin Tibetan Pig Raising Cooperative was founded in Tangmai Village of Bayi District, Nyingchi City, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. More than two million yuan of raised funds by Dawa Tsering and Sherab Wangdu were used for building pigsties, introducing high-quality pigs and running the cooperative.
"We used to make a living by growing highland barley and raising yaks, and also did some part-time jobs during spare time. To rise living standards, I decided to learn some technical skills in pig raising," says Dawa Tsering.
Although Dawa Tsering and Sherab Wangdu were familiar with pig raising, they met difficulties in large-scale pig husbandry which would bring benefits for more people. They needed professional techniques and participated in pig-raising trainings organized by local bureau of agriculture and rural affairs.
Through hard work and study, Dawa Tsering mastered pig-raising techniques and even taught people in other counties. "We want to help more villagers get rich and promote local economic growth," says Dawa Tsering.
"Previously, I worked far away from home. Therefore, I couldn't take care of my family. Now, I join the cooperative nearby and earn more than before. There are over 800 pigs in the cooperative, and the number is expected to increase to 1,000 at the end of this year." Sherab Wangdu says happily.