Southeastern Tibet Series|Episode 1: Lonely Glaciers

Updated: Jan. 04, 2022

Lhegu Glaciers, the headwater of Parlung Zangbo River, comprises accumulations of ice, snow, rock and sediment. This moving ice body plays a vital role in the environment of Tibet. In the first episode, we look at the creation of glaciers, and how climate change influences the highest land on the planet.

In the Southeastern Tibet Series, we focus on the magnificent southeastern Tibet. Unlike the common Tibet we know, the southeastern area has glaciers, lakes, snow mountains, meadow, forest and wetland. The water vapor and heat from the Indian Ocean have passed through canyons until they reach the inner land of Tibet, which make the southeastern part a place of warmth and greenery. Tibetan rhesus macaque, black-necked cranes together with other incredible animals and plants, are living harmonically on the land of southeastern Tibet.