Southeastern Tibet Series | Episode 2: A Shared Home

Updated: Jan. 05, 2022
Unlike other monkeys who live in warm places, Tibetan rhesus macaque inhabits the rocky mountains at the altitude of over 3,000 meters. They have a brown fur coat to endure the coldness there. In the second episode, we'll see how they live in groups in rocky scrubs and how they share the home with the locals.

In the Southeastern Tibet Series, we focus on the magnificent southeastern Tibet. Unlike the common Tibet we know, the southeastern area has glaciers, lakes, snow mountains, meadow, forest and wetland. The water vapor and heat from the Indian Ocean have passed through canyons until they reach the inner land of Tibet, which make the southeastern part a place of warmth and greenery. Tibetan rhesus macaque, black-necked cranes together with other incredible animals and plants, are living harmonically on the land of southeastern Tibet.