Silk Road cultural event concludes in Haifa

By: Jia Puyu, en.
Updated: July 11, 2019

The culture event series “Meet Across Millennium” showcasing the civilizations along the Belt and Road was held in the North Theater in Haifa on July 4, 2019. As the last stop, this show in Haifa marks the conclusion of its first overseas tour.
Themed on the Silk Road culture, the performance, which attracted a large audience, presented a dreamful Silk Road spanning a thousand years with songs and dances.
An 80-year-old viewer enjoyed the performance so much that he said it is the best show that he has ever seen in his whole life.
After the show, viewers went to the stage to take group photos with Chinese performers.
The “Meet Across Millennium” cultural event represents a positive measure to promote cultural exchange and to reach consensus between China and Israel, the two countries at either end of the Silk Road.


Viewers queue for the show early in the afternoon. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)

Israeli visitors select Chinese books displayed at the gate of the North Sea Theater. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)


The book exhibition scene. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)
The audience applauds the show. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)

Almost 800 people come for the show, occupying all the seats in the North Sea Theater. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)

The performers interact with the audience during the show. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)

Viewers take group photos with Chinese performers after the show. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)

The audience enjoy the show. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)