Cultural event featuring Belt & Road civilization hailed in Tel Aviv

By:,Jia Puyu
Updated: July 05, 2019


July 5,2019--`Ni Shang Yu Yi`, a Tang dynasty dance,is performed. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)



July 5,2019--The dance of Avalokitesvarais performed. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)



July 5,2019--Famous Israel music Donna Donna is performed. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)



July 5,2019--Israeli people watch the performances. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)


July 5,2019--Israeli people watch the performances. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)



July 5,2019--The audience give thunderous applause to the performances. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)



July 5,2019--Performers take a group photo. (Photo/ Ma Yangyang)


July 5,2019--The culture event series “Meet Across Millennium” showcasing the civilizations along the Belt and Road kicked off in Tel Aviv,Israel on July 2, 2019.

A series of cultural activities such as singing and dancing performances were highly praised by the Israeli people.
“It is amazing. I believe the audience love this show as much as I do,” said Lizzie,who came for the performances with her husband from a small town of Jerusalem.
“I stayed in Hangzhou for 5 years. After watching the performance, I really want to go to China again to learn more about Chinese culture, especially Dunhuang,” said Lizzie.
The dances and stage are wonderful, and from the show I can see the distinctive Chinese culture, which is totally different from the Jewish culture, said Aviva, a girl from Tel Aviv.
Aviva traveled to China several months ago. Beijing, Shanghai, Yunnan and Tibet have all left her a very deep impression. She said China is an amazing country combining the old history and modernization, and the Chinese people should be proud of it.

By: Jia Puyu