Gongkang Village: happy life is brought by relocation

By: Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron, China Tibet News
Updated: November 20, 2019
Photo shows a corner of Gongkang Village. [China Tibet News/Xu Yang]
Being different from the habit of transliteration of traditional Tibetan villages' names, the name of "Gongkang Village" originates from the slogan of "Thanks to the Communist Party, and construct a well-off society together." Starting eastward from Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, after a three-hour driving, one can arrive at Gongkang Village in Lingda Town of Gyaca County, with an average elevation of 3,269 metres.
Penpa Tsering, the first secretary of Gongkang Village Committee, says that the village is located at Moreba. In August, 2016, this place was designated as the targeted poverty alleviation relocation centre of Lingda Village of Gyaca County. At present, there are 369 households and 1,269 people in Gongkang Village. The project of advancing relocation covers an area of 472,000 m2, and its total investment reaches 210 million yuan RMB.
Among all villagers of Gongkang Village, there are 1,121 people in 333 households from Chosam County and 102 people in 25 households from Tsomey County. They have their new home at Gongkang Village now. In 2017, all the impoverished people of this village have been lifted out of poverty. In 2018, the village's per capital annual income has reached 7,016 yuan RMB, and the poverty incidence dropped to zero.
66-year-old Sonam Tsering says, "The infrastructure construction of Gongkang Village is complete. Children go to the kindergarten in our village, and we go to the health centre when getting sick. There are also markets, teahouses and restaurants in the village. We used to go to the county buying daily necessaries, while now we can buy them without going out far. All of these are benefitted from the great policies of the Party, and we are living a happy life."
Nowadays, all the villagers of Gongkang Village are enrolled in medical insurance; children enjoying favorable policies at the stages of compulsory education and senior high school; college students in the village enjoying the regional subsidizing policy. Until now, the enrollment rate of the village's school-age children is 100%.
To ensure income of villagers, Gongkang Village subsidies the disabled with disability allowance, ensures basic supply for the most vulnerable groups, provides employment training for those who have workforce, and increases the income of those work at ecological positions. Until now, 168 people have been trained, 401 ecological positions have been developed, and 218 impoverished people have been provided with jobs bringing a daily salary of 160 yuan RMB.
30-year-old Phuntsog Chodron, who has moved here last year, says, "we are now enjoying various good policies of the Party, living in bright houses over 200 m2, and our annual income include ecological position subsidy, cordyceps digging and outside working. Now we are living such a pretty happy life, and will always remember and be grateful for the kindness of the Party."
According to the setting goals, Gongkang Village has carried out professional skills training of cooking, agricultural and animal products processing, fruit trees grafting and bar worker's skill. It has trained a total of 784 people. With the help of county, town and village, Gongkang Village Industrial Development Co., Ltd has been established. The company has five mutual-aid teams, namely ecological breeding team, agricultural & animal products processing team, labor-force exporting team and agricultural machinery promoting team. All 574 workers have been arranged for each mutual-aid team, realizing the goal that everyone has a platform, everyone has things to do and everyone has income. In addition, in order to ensure lifting relocated people out of poverty steadily, Gongkang Village has launched various land developing projects, economic forest planting projects, ecological breeding projects and other collective economy projects, which have effectively increased villagers' income.
Rigzin's family was a low income household in their former village. After moving to Gongkang Village in 2017, Rigzin has actively changed his working idea and successfully gotten out of poverty by himself. When talking about his entrepreneurship road, Rigzin has a lot to say, but the proudest achievement he has made is that he has participated in the skill training and opened a Tibetan restaurant. Rigzin says, "After opening the restaurant and increasing my own income, I volunteered to delete my family from the list of local registered poor households. In 2017, I opened this restaurant with 50,000 yuan RMB from policy loan and a little saving of myself. Last year my net income reached 70,000 yuan RMB. Now, I do welding work while running my restaurant, for it increases my income as well."
Rigizn doesn't forget his village fellows after getting rich, he always help left-behind children and elders. Welding is his special skill, so he teaches it to three young people to help increase their enrichment skills.
Nowadays, a harmonious and socialist new countryside has been built beside the Yarlung Zangbo River under the Party's policy of benefitting people and Gongkang villagers' mutual help.