Tibet to build more weather observatories for disaster prevention

By: Xinhua
Updated: August 20, 2019

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region will build 490 automatic meteorological observatories for improving the region's weather monitoring and forecasting abilities, according to local authorities.

The stations will log data including wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, temperature and humidity, which will improve Tibet's capacity to forecast disastrous weathers, according to the regional meteorological bureau.
"The climate in Tibet is complicated and we are under great pressure to prevent climate disasters," said Lhadro, Party head of the meteorological bureau.
The bureau has developed a plan to improve its ability to prevent climate disasters in the primary-level government by 2022.
China's extreme weather events are on the rise and becoming increasingly severe as the climate risk level edges up, according to a report by the China Meteorological Administration. The Qinghai-Tibet region recorded the quickest temperature growth during the 1961-2018 period, the report noted.