Tibet: number of graded Thangka painters rises to 147

By: Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron, China Tibet News
Updated: November 28, 2019

The number of graded Thangka painters in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region rises to 147, according to the recent carnival of "Tibetan Cultural & Creative Industries", which has been successfully held in Shatra Courtyard, Lhasa City, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Cold weather couldn't stop people's hot love to art. Recently, the carnival of "Tibetan Cultural & Creative Industries" closed in Shatra Courtyard. In the morning of its closing ceremony, Shatra Courtyard was full of citizens who prepared white Hadas for the newly graded Thangka painters and image-makers.
After a simple conclusion of the closing ceremony, Nagwang Jigme, the group leader of the 9th Tibetan Tangka Art Fair, and Ngari, the representative of the 2th Image-making Art Fair, announced the names of newly graded Thangka painters and image-makers.
Nagwang Jigme said that according to the Thangka art fair regulations, 42 Thangka painters were graded, including 6 first-level, 11 second-level and 25 third-level painters. Nagri announced 24 newly graded image-makers, including 5 first-level, 7 second-level and 12 third-level image-makers.
50-year-old Norbu Yugyel is an inheritor of Tungdor Thangka painting school, which is handed down from Shangshuang, and belongs to Bonism Thangka Painting. Norbu Yugyel has studied Thangka painting since 14, after ten years learning, he painted alone, and now he has trained more than 200 traditional painting apprentices. Norbu Yugyel was grated as a first-level painter when he participated in the 2th Tibetan Thangka Art Fair in 2011. After assessment, he became a probationary expert in 2016. In this year's art fair, he brought twelve apprentices to participate in the competition, one of them was grated as a first-level painter, one as second-level painter and two of them as third-level painters.