Xigaze: industry linkage helps people get rich

By: Liu Fang, Hu Wen, China Tibet News
Updated: February 14, 2020
"Since the establishment of the cooperative, I have had a steady job and gotten good income with hard work," says villager Tashi of Lagui Village, Nixia Town, Tingri County, Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.
In the past, Nixia Town of Tingri Countyhad many technical resources but could not form a strong organization. It was difficult to guarantee the market and output.
In order to break such a situation, in the name of the village collective,Tingri County integrated manpower, material and financial resources to set up Farmers' Product Processing Professional Cooperative of Lagui Village, Nixia Town, Tingri County. The cooperative, in the form of being run by capable persons, with the participation of technical backbones and the masses as shareholders, transformed resources such as weaving, carpentry, construction, automobile repair and others of the village into industries that help the masses to increase their incomes.
The cooperative began trial operation in May 2019, and mainly engaged in processing and selling native products, agricultural machinery maintenance and repair, building materials selling and construction, needle textile and metal material processing and marketing, etc. Now, the cooperative has 44 shareholders, with a total investment of 385,000 yuan RMB and occupying an area of 1,750㎡.
Local womenweave Pulu (Tibetan handmade woolen fabric) in textile workshop. Nyima Butri, a Lagui villager, in the past she only weaved self-use Pulu.
Nyima Butri says, "It is a good thing that the cooperative established in our village, it has brought employment opportunities to us rural women; now we can look after our families and make money at the same time." She earns more than 3,000 yuan RMB a month at the cooperative, adding a considerable amount of income to her family.
Combining the characteristics of the village, the cooperative adhered to theproduction and management model of unified management + unified processing + unified selling. It has become the market leader of farmers and herdsmen in Lagui Village and an important carrier of standardized production.
By the end of August last year, the cooperative realized a net income of 120,000 yuan RMB. By now, the cooperative has provided working posts for 18 villagers, driven the development of relevant local industries and injected fresh elements into local economy. The cooperative consists of 3 grain and oil processing workshops, 2 furniture processing workshops, a vehicle washing workshop, a garment sewing workshop and a textile workshop, as well as a warehouse, a shop, a kitchen, a dining hall and 2 dormitories.