Tibet celebrates 60th anniversary of democratic reform

Updated: March 28, 2019

A grand ceremony was held Thursday morning in Lhasa, the capital city of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the region's democratic reform.


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Thousands of local Tibetans from all walks of life, including farmers and herdsmen, government employees, students and Buddhist monks, gathered in front of the Potala Palace, the landmark of Tibet, to witness the special moment. Most of them are dressed in their exquisitely-made traditional costumes. 


Following a national flag raising ceremony, representatives from different sectors, including elderly Tibetans who used to live under serfdom spoke to the gathering, sharing the changes they have witnessed over the years. 



Through democratic reform in 1959, feudal serfdom under theocracy in Tibet was abolished completely, with about one million serfs liberated.