Tibet’s grid network to cover 74 counties by year end

By: Zhou Tianyu,
Updated: March 20, 2020

By the end of the year, the grid network in Tibet Autonomous Region will cover all of its 74 counties and districts, which means 97% of the population in the region will get access to electricity.

430 electricity projects have resumed amid the COVID-19 epidemic. Tibet plans to invest a total of 11.86 billion yuan in the grid construction in its indigent regions. The region will establish and upgrade 138 substations of more than 35 kV and 7,180 kilometers of power lines with a power transmission capacity of 450,000 KVA. It will add 3,769 distribution substations with a power capacity of 390,000 KVA and build or upgrade 10,116 kilometers of power lines as well as 4,126 kilometers of low-voltage power lines.
The project to connect central Tibet’s power system with Nagri’s power grid is a key project in Tibet. Once finished, it will include 7 counties into the region’s grid network, supplying reliable electricity to 380,000 people. So far, 31% of the project has been completed.