Restaurants across Tibet begin to receive diners

By: Zhou Tianyu,
Updated: March 23, 2020


Customers eat at a restaurant in Lhasa on March 22nd. [Photo by Jiang Feibo]



People get a haircut and do their nails in a barbershop. [Photo by Jiang Feibo]



People’s lives in Lhasa have returned to normalcy. People wearing masks are taking a bus. [Photo by Jiang Feibo]


According to Tibet authorities, by the midnight of March 21st, there had been no confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases for 52 successive days. Shigatse announced Sunday that quarantine at home and designated sites was canceled and restaurants could resume business.
In Lhasa, restaurants began to receive diners on March 18th. Most shopping centers, clothing stores and teahouses downtown have resumed operation.
In Naqu, Shannan and Nyingchi, restaurants are also offering take-away services.