"Big Data" promotes poverty alleviation work in Baxoi

By: China Tibet News
Updated: December 28, 2018

Dec. 28, 2018 -- In the age of information and network, "big data" plays an even more important role in assisting decision-making for all kinds of work. In recent years, relying on the advantages of the "big data", village task forces of Baxoi County can record the progress of poverty alleviation work in real time and establish the mechanism of data administration and assessment, which greatly improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation work.


Aiming at popularizing good practices and experiences between the village task forces, as well as giving feedbacks of poverty alleviation work among farmers and herdsmen in time, each village task force of Baxoi County created its own WeChat Official Account to publish poverty alleviation conditions and preferential policies.


In the process of poverty alleviation, the village task forces using specific data processing tools to record detailed information including villagers’ income, population trends, income approach, poverty-causing factors and assistance measures, so as to steady the process of poverty alleviation.


In addition, the county's village task forces use GPS to collect the geographical coordinates of the relocated families and complete their information. Through information integration and comparison, the actual situation of every household can be accurately reported.


By: Jia Dan, He Huizhong