Story of a sanitation worker protecting Lhasa River

By: Zhou Tianyu,
Updated: February 07, 2020


Renqing Cuomu clears out the trash along the Lhasa River. [Photo by Yang Jin/Tibet Daily.]
34-year-old Renqing Cuomu has been working in Lhasa Youjieda Sanitation Company for three years as a sanitation worker. Her job includes feeding the birds on the bank of Lhasa River and clearing out rubbish along the bank from the section between the Lhasa Bridge and the Yingqin Bridge.
No matter what season or weather, she is always the first to get to the workplace and the last to go home and never asks for a leave on account of personal errands. “The first thing I do at work is to go to the northern suburb to get the food for birds. Every time I come to the bank of the river, birds fly around me, which makes me feel really good,” said she.
When she began this work, she thought the job with a low income was boring and wanted to resign, but after doing the job for three years, she has grown to like it. “After I cleared out the rubbish along the river every day, I feel a sense of achievement. Several years ago, there were much more rubbish like old clothes and books along the Lhasa river, I dispose of two carts of trash at most every day. I feel happy about the better sanitary conditions of the river,” she added.
Her feet have arthritis because of long-time working in water. Her five colleagues have resigned for various reasons, as a result of which, she herself has to cope with the workload for six people. However, she never complains.