Medical and health services improved in Sangri County

By: Jia Dan, He Huizhong, China Tibet News
Updated: January 31, 2019

In recent years, Sangri County of Shannan City in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has made great efforts to improve its medical and health service capacity. A health service system covering urban and rural areas in Sangri County is in place.


Based on the internet, Sangri County has established an all-round service information platform with electronic medical record system as its core. In addition, the county provided free physical examination for local residents. What's more, it placed great emphasis on the cultivation of talents in different majors with the help of aiding Tibet medical experts.


At present, essential drugs supply is adequate in Sangri County. For example, more than 360 kinds of Tibetan medicine are available in the county. Meanwhile, featured traditional Tibetan medicine services as well as Western Medicine treatment have been carried out in health centers covering 4 townships and 16 villages.


With the great improvement of the medical and health service capacity, Sangri County has basically completed the construction of a full-coverage of medical insurance and overcome the difficulty and high cost of getting medical treatment.