Xigaze plans to sow 590 km² of highland barley in 2020

By: Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron,China Tibet News
Updated: March 12, 2020

According to Agriculture & Rural Affairs Bureau of Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, the city plans to sow 590 km2 of highland barley in this year, including 445.93 km2 of good highland barley seed--"Himala No.22", 93.33 km2 of "Tibetan Barley 2000", 20 km2 of "Tibetan Barley 320" and 5.33 km2 of "Himala No.19".

In order to effectively grasp the production of planting industry in this year, Xigaze City's Bureau of Agriculture & Rural Affairs will start the preparation work of spring ploughing as early as possible in accordance with the agricultural-related conference sprits and arrangements of the municipal Party committee, municipal government and superior business departments of the City. According to this year's planting arrangement, the repair rate of farmland & water conservancy establishment of the city is expected to reach 100%, and it is estimated to transform 113.33 km2 of low-yield farmland, harness 20 km2 of slope farmland, and accumulate 2400 kg/acre farmland manure. In addition, 2.233 tons of chemical fertilizer and 4.07 tons of commercial organic fertilizer have been purchased, which will be distributed before the spring sowing.
Meanwhile, in order to improve the structure of arable land, enhance the preservation capability of soil moisture and the lodging-resistance capability of crop, Xigaze City's Bureau of Agriculture & Rural Affairs has actively carried out the deep tillage land preparation work, to ensure the complement of 6.566 km2 land preparation.
A responsible person of Xigaze City's Bureau of Agriculture & Rural Affairs expresses that in order to improve this year's grain production efficiency steadily, the city will focus on soil testing on 520 km2 of formula fertilization, building 486.67 km2 of "green,high quality,efficient" farmland, and constructing 31.13 km2 "Himala No.22" breeding base.