Tibet AIDS Prevention and Treatment Association established

By: Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua, China Tibet News
Updated: April 25, 2019

Approved by Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Health Committee, and Department of Civil Affairs of Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet AIDS Prevention and Treatment Association has been officially established recently.


The association will assist health departments to play its role as a social organization in the prevention and control of major infectious diseases, and make practical and effective contributions to the healthy development of volunteer services. It is a public welfare organization supervised and guided by the functional departments of the government and widely participated by the society.


"The association will carry out diversified health education and propaganda activities on prevention and treatment of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases for high-risk groups in Tibet, and provide psychological counseling and life assistance for AIDS patients and orphans," says Kelsang Drodrup, a worker of Tibet AIDS Prevention and Treatment Association.


The association is composed of AIDS prevention volunteers, all of whom have took part in relevant health education and training courses on the prevention and control of AIDS, venereal disease, tuberculosis, echinococcosis, first aid, unpaid blood donation, etc, and obtained training certificates issued by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Tibet Autonomous Region.


In addition, the association will also research and develop health education and promotion materials suitable for local conditions, promote the use of condoms , and organize AIDS prevention and treatment training and exchange activities for grassroots medical staff and health education volunteers.